Enter encryption password twice


when activating the encryption we have to enter the password without a security verification of correct typing. I think it would be a good idea to be forced to enter it twice, especially because it is hidden, so there is no way to check for typos.


Yep, either that or use the show password icon (eye) on the right side of the input field.

On my installation (Archlinux, XFCE4) there is no password eye. If it would be fine for sure.

Here is a screenshot (language is set to german):

No, I’m sorry, maybe it got lost in translation (I probably should’ve used a instead of the).

I meant either your idea (adding a second field for verification) or such a “password eye” has to be implemented.


I was just submitting this as a feature request:
I finally got the encryption working… sort of. It took another 24 hours for the Linux client to send the password to Dropbox. Which brings me to a feature request. Now that my next client finally prompted me for the password, it won’t accept it! Apparently I typo’d the initial password. When entering the initial password it should always prompt to key it again, or at the very least give you a view option to verify it. I’m ready to pull my hair out. Good thing I don’t have any.

Yes there’s already a feature request for it. I believe we ask for the password twice on mobile but indeed only once on desktop.

I would like to work on this issue so I was looking for good libraries to create good modal dialogs and found this package: https://github.com/trendmicro-frontend/react-modal
which I think this package is a good candidate for creating password prompt dialog and also package has good design and features

Should I add this package to create prompt dialog ? Or you can suggest a better way to achieve the same.

@laurent Should I use this package to create prompt dialog ? Or you can suggest a better way to achieve the same.

We have halted that for now due to the fact that we’d need a major rewrite of the dialog framework.

Okay sir I’ll put this on hold for now.