Feature request: add success / fail feedback when entering E2EE password submission

I use E2EE, and on Android, entering the password for an existing key works much better than on desktop, because I get feedback on whether the password is correct, as soon as I submit it.

On desktop however, I am unsure if the password is correct, or has been checked, because there is no immediate feedback when the password to an existing key was entered.

My user experience is:

  • type a long E2EE password for an existing key into the desltop config page
  • not be able to see if the password is correct (letters are hidden)
  • click “save”
  • see no change
  • wait some seconds to see if the password is being checked
  • click “save” again
  • wait some more seconds
  • exit the config pages to go back to my notes
  • check if they are decrypted; see that they are not
  • come back to the E2EE encryption pages and re-enter the password
  • rinse and repeat

This confusion could be avoided if instant feedback was given on whether E2EE password is correct or not.



The app should display a “tick” if the password is correct, thus providing instant feedback:


Is it not working for you?

Thank you for the feedback. Yes it does then the correct password is entered, after a second or so, but when the wrong password is entered, there is no change (not even a blink of the X).
In scenarios where the wrong password is entered multiple times, the user experience which I described takes place, at least for me.
Maybe the simplest improvement in the short term would be to hide the tick/cross when the check of a newly entered password is taking place, having the effect of making the X blink for a second during the check, which would provide some visual feedback to the user to indicate that their newly entered, incorrect password had been checked, and therefore that the X is in fact a new one (reflecting their new password), and not the same old X which was there before.

I wanted to add my support for this feature request. When enabling e2e, it is really helpful to have to enter the same password twice before it is accepted. Flow I'm aware of is:

  1. Enter Password
  2. Enter Password again.

If password does not match, you are asked to enter them again.
If passwords match, success.

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