Encryption reliability

I'm concerned about E2EE reliability but I also value privacy and would like to be able to use it. I've seen several posts from people who had issues with encryption and that worries me. I need totally reliable access to my notes with no risk of losing them. If I use encryption is there any guarantee of its reliability? Is there a risk that I might lose access to my notes? I sync my phone and a few different desktops via dropbox.

This is a support forum so nearly all encryption-related posts will be about users having problems with it, but you won't hear about the majority of users who have no problems with it (me included).

There's a usability problem with E2EE which is why there's a guide that needs to be followed when setting it up. Other than that, if you exclude forgotten passwords, there's no known instances of data being lost due to encryption. The encryption has also been reviewed twice and no flaw was found.

As always it's still better to make regular backups to be safe.


Thanks for the reply laurent this is reassuring and informative. I use a password manager so losing the password won't be a problem. What kind of backup do you suggest? JEX, Raw, JSON, MD, etc? Is one better than the other for the purpose of backing up? I suppose I'll backup once a week or so but I'm not sure which option to select.

JEX or RAW would be fine as they preserve all data including metadata (JEX is just an archive that contains RAW files). If you care to do so, @tessus has posted a few scripts there to automate backups: Best method to backup notes


I can second @laurent 's comment on reliability. All works well for me. While I have concerns, I have yet to see any problems. Just don't lose the password/passcode!

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