Emoji - export to PDF / HTML

I have 2 questions about Joplin (1.0.179) :

  • When I export a note to PDF, the emojis go from the “colored” version of the markdwon rendering in the desktop application to a “outline” version in black and white. If I understood correctly, we cannot have a colored rendering because of limitations due to unicode? No way to keep the original rendering ?

  • When I export to html, the emojis disappear. A reason for this?



I wonder if there would be a way to convert emojis to resources like how images are handled in the code but mainly when exporting so that they only apply to edge cases like this? Maybe even export all of the ones used to a spritesheet and then read straight from that to save on space, limitations for objects for multiple syncing platforms, etc.

I'm not completely sure how to answer your questions directly about why this is the case, but welcome anyways. :wave:

@laurent would something like this be possible or even possibly implemented in the future?

I don’t think that would be necessary as normally the emojis should show up when exporting to html, so the bug just needs to be fixed.

As for the absence of colour, I think that’s because background colour is disabled when printing. Perhaps that can be fixed with userstyle.css

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In that case we might want to differentiate between printing and printing to PDF. Although a black background for PDF might also not be desirable. :wink:

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Thank you for your answers.
For HTML it's solve, it came from an extension of the browser (I should have looked at the source code before posting here).

For the pdf, it remains. I meet the same type of rendering with atom.io and Themeable Markdown Converter or even with the Adobe Acrobat printer. it must be a deep evil around the nature of the emoji :slight_smile:


What was the issue exactly? (In case it happens to someone else)

Greasemonkey and poor targeting :frowning:

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