Electron Helper wants to connect to ingest.sentry.io

When I run Joplin from the source tree via npm run start and upon closing Joplin, Electron helper wants to connect to o4506576757522432.ingest.sentry.io.

I seriously doubt that Joplin is doing this on purpose, but I suspect that Electron added telemetry when being run in dev mode.

I just wanted to put it out there.

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That must be the Sentry crash handler I've added. It doesn't auto-upload crash logs by default, but looks like the initialisation itself means it's connecting to some server. I will disable this too, thanks for the information.


I recommend that you disable Sentry and use your own hosted crash log stuff in if you want to call Joplin as a private note solution. Please see the post below for more details about what Sentry's real intentions are

It does not matter if they posted a correction blog, the intention is there and eventually they will get there.

Sentry will use user data to train AI models without user consent (sentry.io)


Sentry new TOS to use data to train AI with no opt-out (sentry.io)


I already implemented my own stuff which works offline.

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