Editor is not focusing in the page when switch to editor

I am using 1.0.176 on Linux and I have VIm mode enabled, although this is still the case for the default mode.

I need to do an extra click in the page to be in the edit mode fully when I switch from the viewer. This might sound like minor issue but it would be nice if the editor is in fully edit mode so that the user can start typing right away without needing to reach the mouse.

Click on a note

Switch to editor

Try typing.

You will need to click in the editor to be able to type.

There are shortcuts to focus certain components:

Focus body: Shift+Ctrl+B
Focus title: Shift+Ctrl+N

Check out the menu View -> Focus.

Actually I totally agree with @kartoo. I just hit it too and it’s really annoying to write something, then take a look, if it looks fine, switch back and be unable to continue…

I think that every time whenever I wan’t to preview note during writing I would have to do combo: ctrl+L (preview), ctrl+L (code), shift+ctrl+B and continue writing… is not ideal nor logic.

I’ve created enhancement request about.

Unless the feature request has been accepted here, it will be ignored or closed on github.

I think the template on github says so.

OK, understend. But it makes sense for you, that it loses focus everytime you need to view how markdown formated and you need to use another shortcut to continue in work?

Actually, I even not understand, why there is not focus by default in code editor when switching to it.

No, it doesn’t make sense to me either.

Right now there are a lot of things going on right now. Design change. Migrating to a new editor (away from Ace to CodeMirror). New features. I’m pretty sure that when all this is done there will be more focus (pardon the pun) on this.


Ok, when you say it like it, it's fine for me. I just tough you just don't care and we would have this headache forever. :slight_smile:

I can understand about some feature, or complicated stuff like web share etc, but change of focus didn't sound like huge, complex issue to me. :slight_smile:

So, i will looking forward!!

This does not work in preview. To scroll the preview after switching from editor (Ctrl L) to single preview, it is necessary to click into the preview to make it active for accepting up, down, … .

This is not a bug. But it would be a nice enhancement. Or (better) toggling from editor to preview sets focus to preview directly.

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