Editing rendered markdown CSS doesn't work?

Hi, I want to apply a custom CSS for rendered markdown. I tried to write the CSS in userstyle.css, but it is not rendering. When I check the styles applied on an element (e.g text element) using the Development Tools, I see that the style is not applied or visible.

My userstyle.css:

/* For styling the rendered Markdown */
code {
	font-family: 'Iosevka SS14', monospace;

body {
	font-family: 'Inter', sans-serif;

While writing this post, I came across the solution. You need to use the !important directive for any and all edited styles, so that your changes apply in priority over the default style. If it still doesn't render, try restarting Joplin and see if the changes work.

I will keep this post up in case someone else has these problems which i have been having for few months now.

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