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Editing a long note is slow on Android

I was trying to take notes at a talk, and Joplin gets un-usably slow on Android as the note gets longer and longer. It appears to be saving the file constantly while I am trying to type.

Great product, works nicely on the desktop, but is there a way to make it perform better on Android?

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I have had this same issue. I’ve begun breaking notes into 2 or three parts and making them very short, because even a single page note is very slow to get to the bottom or back to the top.

Yep, people complained that they lost data because the client required the user to click the save icon. So Laurent added auto-save.
I myself have serious issues with autosave and it’s one of the reasons why I use a separate app to write text and then copy it over to Joplin. I tried to introduce an option, but Laurent was against it.
I will most likely create my own apk where this option is included. It’s kind of stupid to use a separate app for actually taking the notes, just because the auto-save screws everything up…

Maybe at one point it will sink in that it makes the app useless for note taking, which should be the primary use case for this app.

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What if there were an auto-save but it didn’t save every time a single character is typed? I think most people would be okay with losing a line or two in the very rare case that something goes horribly wrong. If it saved every time you hit Enter, or every 30 seconds, or something?

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Yep, I agree. This would already help out with the incessant auto-save.


Auto-save has nothing to do with any of this as far as I can tell. It’s this well known bug which I currently don’t know a fix for: https://github.com/laurent22/joplin/issues/1493


I’ve started noticing this lag only since the auto-save was introduced. But ok, maybe both (the bug and the auto-save code) were introduced at the same time. It could be possible.

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No they weren’t but I think you’re talking about two different things in this thread. The issue with large notes being slow to edit is related to a React Native bug. The issue with auto-save I don’t know what it is.

Ok, in that case I am wrong. For me the lag only showed after the auto-save. So I guess it’s just a coincidence. (Damn, I always thought coincidences are a myth. :wink: )

If you type in a large note very fast, it won’t have time to auto save, but typing will get slower and slower because input events keep queuing up and RN is not fast enough to process them. That’s the TextInput component performance issue.

There could be some be some issue with auto save too but it’s something else then.