Easy sharing of notes?

What simple ways of sharing notes work best with Joplin?

I don't keep a server running, so NextCloud on My Macbook would seem to be a bit heavyweight for me (but I am open to be persuaded).

I imagine that most people rely on Dropbox links or OneDrive links for occasional sharing of notes.

Am I right in assuming Joplin cannot be used with iCloud, otherwise that would be another channel...

I keep Evernote going partly because the sharing is so easy and if I send a public URL link, anyone can read my shared note.

Thanks in anticipation for your wisdom!

Joplin Server will be the initial way that this will end up working, there was an older nextcloud app to do the same thing but this has been deprecated in favour of Joplin Server so in the short term it is unlikely that things will be easy to share on any other sync target.

How does Joplin Server work? I refer back to my comment that I don't keep a server running...

It is still very much WIP, it isn't goint to assist you in the short run - Joplin Server pre-release is now available.
The previous functionality for this is the nextcloud app but it is now deprecated. joplin/nextcloud_app.md at dev · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

I'm using nginx vhost with dav and dav_ext modules. It consumes CPU and RAM next to nothing. If you're interested I can post config for nginx.

---- UPD -----
Ofcourse it has https encryption and is password protected.

If you only need to post to the Internet for others to view, you can refer to

Any reason why iCloud can't be used for sharing notes (read only)?

Because the design purpose is not so, and I don’t use Apple products

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