Easy Install on Kubunu?

Hi I want to install Joplin in an easy way on Kubuntu 17.10.
I only saw the appimage download. Which seems to be complicated for non IT users.
Downloading and making executable is easy. Double clicking the file runs the appimage and it offers the option to “install” Joplin. (So far it looks good) however it only appears to create a launcher icon (successfully) It does not put the application itself in any suitable location. Non IT users of Kubuntu do not have any access to any special place for applications. Nor is there any indication in the Kubuntu desktop or help where such a location should be.
The Joplin applinamge could be left in the Downloads folder. But if that gets cleaned out, the application will no longer run. I just did that.
Now I have moved the appimage to some random other location, the launcher Icon cannot start it. NOK.
Running the Joplin appimage no longer offers the chance to create a new launcher Icon.
There is also no obvious way to uninstall the icon. Or even see which appimages have been installed.
Currently I can only start Joplin from navigating folders. I have to remember which one. And not from the Launcher.

Choosing the appimage method for Joplin is clearly a bad solution for non IT users. Installing a .deb or PPA is seamless, and does not have this problem. Uninstall is obvious too.

Is there a trick I have missed or plans to make it easier? Thanks

Currently only the AppImage is officially supported and there’s no deb or ppa package. I don’t use Linux much these days and not sure what’s the correct way to handle AppImage files in general - is there no package manager or similar? (i.e. you open the AppImage via that manager and they install it in a specific location)

Thanks, there is no apparent manager for appimages. So no way to see what’s installed and uninstall. Which is why its not a good solution.

otherwise it is not so complicate to build his own Joplin version from the source. I was not warm but I could and that was clear with the doc.

I’m just trying to help, by pointing out real problems with appimage. And no solution is in sight.

@ianp5a Why is this in category Feature requests and not in User support?

You are clearly asking a question. The Feature requests category is for discussing or suggesting feature requests.

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Ok, in that case I won’t comment on these matters anymore, but I can tell you that it’s gonna be a mess at some point (especially if you decide to create more categories), when people open topics in the wrong category.

So far most posts seem to be on topic. If not, feel free to keep flagging them and we’ll move them as needed.

Yes. It’s tricky to decide sometimes. But this is a request for an easier install solution.

no no, no problem it’s ok

agreed too. even for us :slight_smile: