Duplicated published notes retain the published note's label's color (which is wrong)

Joplin 2.10.19, Linux (Fedora 37)

When you duplicate a published note, the new note is not published, but its entry in the notes list remains the color of the published note that it originated from. The label should, instead, be the color of an unpublished note.

Duplicating the error:

  1. Publish a note: Right click, Publish note... (or use the menus), "Copy shareable link"
  2. Notice the color change
  3. Duplicate that note: Right-click, Duplicate
  4. New note should appear (same name - Copy)
  5. Notice that it retains the color as if it were published.
  6. Reset the color by publishing and then unpublishing it: Right-click on that copy, Publish note..., "Copy shareable link", then click on the sharing icon to unpublish it
  7. Notice that the color is now the color of a not-published note
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Could you create a bug for it on GitHub please? Indeed the new note shouldn't keep the published state

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