Publishing/Unpublishing workflow is odd

Note, publishing a note is a Joplin Cloud (and Joplin Server) -enabled feature

Taking a note from unpublished to published is relatively straightforward.

There are a couple of routes to the dialogue, but for my example, let's use a right-click on the note and select "Publish note…" (also found in the "Note" menu at the top.

You are then presented with a dialog. Example ...

(If you were wondering, this is a scene from my WIP novel.)

You click "Copy Shareable Link", and you are informed the link is copied to your clipboard. Great! Easy. Also, the universal icon for share me appears (the three connected balls). Example …

I close that and use the link somewhere. Okay, all good so far.

This is where it gets odd.

I come back to a note previously published because I need that link again. (It will be colored differently in the listing now; awesome!) I right-click on the note and … "Publish note…"? It's not a stretch to think you can get the link from there, but it is a bit abstract. Similarly, if I want to unpublish the note, I have to select that as well. Not the end of the world, but something could be improved there. Somehow. Not sure how, but … It's not a significant oddity, but it is there. IMHO.

It is that icon in the dialog that is the true weirdness. In any other application, that icon is the get shareable link/options button. It's not an unpublish button. But in this case … it is! It indicates the note has been published and pressing that icon will unpublish it.

Now, that "Copy Shareable Link" bar is explicit. That's handy, but it also almost looks like an informative header and not a button. The three-ball icon diverges from the workflow in this case. Maybe just a button that says: "Unpublish This Note" or some such?

Before I got into a groove (I publish and unpublish notes all the time now to share my writing with critique partners and whatnot), I would sometimes click that icon instead copy-bar below and accidentally unpublish my note. Then, I would have to republish it and send the new link to everyone.

So. Just a quirky workflow, IMHO, with an odd choice using that icon in this way.

Thanks, Laurent, for the fantastic application. Lemme know what you and everyone think.

Cheers. -t

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