Dropbox error 409 while syncing either on Ipad or android phone

Windows 10 portable app syncs without errors with Dropbox.
But when I use freshly installed apps on Ipad or android phone I get dropbox error when downloading 2 attachments.

Error looks like that:

Attachments tha could not be downloaded
(some hash): POST files/download: fetchBlob error (409):

How to find to what notes do attachments belong?

Probably deleting and recreating note with this attachment should solve the problem.

How to make Joplin to stop asking for these attachments and showing sync errors about them?

Can I import notes from enex files on android and Ipad?

Try doing a full-text search with the hash in your Joplin dir in dropbox. One of the results should be your note, unless it's encrypted.

OK. Thank you.

I've solved the problem.

  1. As roman_r_m suggested, I've found on windows 10 with full-text search notes with pictures which caused problems by their hash ids.
  2. I've deleted links to those pictures in notes.
  3. Exit Joplin app.
  4. I've deleted with "sqlite db viewer" records in resource table about those files.
  5. I've deleted those pictures from hard drive.
  6. In Dropbox webapp, I've found by hash ids 2 files for each picture. I've deleted them.
  7. Launch Joplin app and sync to Dropbox.
  8. Launch sync on Ipad or android.
  9. Done.