Does Joplin consider adopting Notion's philosophy?

I want to discuss whether Joplin is considering adopting a notion-like design concept as a future development direction.

Notion treats elements as blocks, paragraph by block, making it very easy for users to organize content.
Compared with traditional markdown writing, this linear editing method makes me feel very troublesome to organize and organize (need to continuously cut and paste)

I tried notion and it is much easier to operate.
There are a lot of interesting ideas and techniques worthy of our reference. Of course, the main customer of notice is teamwork.
I think Joplin can try to iterate in this direction.

  • Introduce block elements. A paragraph, attachment, etc. are treated as a block, allowing users to easily organize content;

notion website

I don’t want Joplin to be another notion.

In fact, I have always advocated independent thinking, and Laurent has shown in his past posts his understanding of Joplin and independent thinking.
Therefore, I propose this note form, which deserves our attention and reflection. It is of significance to enhance the note-taking experience and what it can bring. Compared with the current Joplin, if we absorb the advantages and experience of the block, it will affect the future Joplin form
What kind of impact.

Notion’s block concept makes notion a great advantage in organizing and organizing content.
Compared to traditional markdown editors and word, notion absorbs their advantages.

The concept of modularity I think Joplin can refer to.
After all, the file system is a problem that note software must solve.
Simple solutions make the notes lose the meaning and effect of classification; complex solutions waste too much time on meaningless labeling and cataloging.
If the concept of modularity is introduced, a note can be easily reorganized by blocks, which will be a very ideal user experience.

However, the method of notion makes it very easy for us to lose the purpose of recording.
Spend a lot of time and energy on the beautification of content, and forget that the purpose of note-taking software is to allow us to record better and faster.

So, we have to think if we can absorb the advantages and make Joplin more useful


Joplin can add layouts to implement block ideas

Each paragraph has a handle that can be easily moved up and down for better paragraph organization.

Even though this may not necessarily be a #development topic and more of a #features thing, I dig it. I love how you give pros and cons to the approaches that apply to Notion. The biggest thing I see with Notion is that it’s not necessarily a note-taking app but Google without the built in search engine and ad support, the budget, and the complete ability to make it work beyond its individual parts. Notion is trying to do many things but never fully commits or succeeds at any particular one to the point of not overthrowing other dedicated apps.

That is one thing I hope that Joplin strays away from while also giving the tools to create unique ways of using it. I budget with it. Haha

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notion offers many interesting ideas. Some are really great.

Traditional text editing is very rigid. You can only move paragraphs if you want to cut and paste. Of course, this scenario is very rare, but I sometimes like to improvise along the line of thought, or open a new note to record fragmentary ideas, such as brainstorming. At such times I might reorganize the content when I’m done. If, like notiom, there is a handle next to a paragraph or element (picture, checkbox, file) that allows me to move them directly, the overall user experience will be good.

In my opinion Joplin is more then just a note taking app. So I think it could introduce features which help organization or arranging tasks in different ways.

As a previous notion user I loved it to build different setups for different use cases (a little database about books I read and want to read, watched movies, …)

But there is also a danger going in such a direction - because loosing simplicity could slow down future development, because the risk of technical debt.

Now I use Joplin to save web pages. Joplin’s web clipper is the most powerful note-type browser extension.

But I will use the notion to record and organize.
I write papers and records on notions because the paragraphs can be easily moved and organized

That said, I now use two note-taking software at the same time.
Joplin is my favorite note. The notes I organize on the notion will be exported to Joplin.

This was initially going to be a much longer post where I repectfully, diplomatically, and possibly even tactfully :slight_smile: , put forward the point that not having Notion-like features is exactly the reason why I chose to use Joplin. If had I needed Notion's (or some other app's) features I would have used Notion (or whatever the other app was).

Joplin describes itself as a note taking and to-do application based on Markdown. Whilst you can use the client to customise how your notes look, the actual note itself is pretty standard markdown. That you can read the raw markdown of a Joplin note and still make sense of it, as well being easily able to use the raw note data elsewhere is a plus, at least to me.

Just my 2¢


I consider that Joplin has the advantage of being able to resume its files in a simple and multiple way.
Notion does more or less the same thing, but you always feel more or less the heavy and quickly tiring feature that prevents you from doing it and makes you stay there.

And finally, I like Joplin’s simplicity. I note, the markdown is powerful enough not to turn Joplin into a gas factory, I manage my personal and professional tasks on it, it’s certainly not as nice as Notion, but the functional goes over.

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Pardon my French, but Joplin is the no BS note taking app that has a dev with a focus on making it simple but highly extensible and letting the users figure out surprising and creative ways to use it without holding their hands. That means that many users will get frustrated and move on but those that stick around and are willing to explore it and learn it like a new love interest, those are the people that this app is made for.

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I have used notifications for several days

The freshness of the first contact was over, and I began to return to reason.
I noticed that notion is not as amazing as imagined. Notion is like an affair and can make you fully feel the stimulus. However, it is not suitable for marriage.
All I want is a good note-taking software, Joplin can give me what notion can’t give me.

notion needs to load, even if it can sync, however, web-based loading makes me intolerable

Notion’s many functions easily make you lose yourself, forget that you just want to take notes and study quietly, so that you will unconsciously deviate from the track, to tangle how to beautify notes.

I have been advocating the block of notion before, however, I found that I did not actually use the exclusive features of notion.
So why not use Joplin?

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I gave up the notion and returned to Joplin

Joplin is currently the best note-taking software


For sure, the complicated side of Notion that makes you lose yourself in a meander of notes has scared me a lot, and I don’t feel like changing software like shirts anymore.
Joplin suits me 100% of my note needs.

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