Does Joplin automatically delete orphan attachments?


When does Joplin automatically delete files/images that are no longer attached to a note? After 24 or 48 hours? In some places, I see 24, and in another, 48 hours.


  • Note A has two images added to it along with some text
  • It's all synced up to the cloud (Dropbox). The setup is E2EE.
  • I delete Note A.

In this case, when those two images that I added to Note A be automatically deleted?

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Can anyone help with this?

It's surely not 24 hrs. Some notes I deleted more than 24 hours, the embedded attachments are still there in Dropbox (the place where I sync my notes)

I'm not sure, but think the attechments depends also on what is configured in the note history.

Yep. That seems like the case here.

Thanks Jack.

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