Attachements are not removed when removed from note?


I am a new user of Joplin. Coming from Evernote it looks very promising. I have a question about how attachments are handled. I started a new encrhypted notebook and added a note. I see in the linked file system folder (in a Box sync folder) that 2 files are created. One for the notebook and one for the note. Text is encrypted.

When I add a attachment (json file) to the note I see a third md file created and the ID is matching the link ID in the note. So I assume the extra md file is the json file. But when I remove the link from the note the attachment MD file is not removed. Is this by design?

I think it would be better when attachment link that are removed from a note are truly removed from the notes folder.

Maybe there is an explanation for what I am seeing. Like to hear from somebody who can explain this to me.


It’s auto deleted after a few days. See the resources section of the website for more info.