Does any cloud-hosted option support syncing multiple profiles?

I have the need to keep three profiles in sync: one for private journaling, one that's a personal knowledgebase, and finally, one for work.

Each of these should use different encryption keys and storage locations. I'd like to be able to access them from macOS, Linux, and iOS.

Historically, I used Dropbox for syncing, but that was only for one profile. I understand it's not easy or possible to sync multiple profiles with Dropbox, which is perfectly fine.

However, do any of the supported cloud options allow multiple profiles? I signed up for Joplin Cloud hoping it would support it, but I don't think it does. I suppose I can host a cloud vm and do it myself, but that's not necessary the approach I wanted to take.

I also realize I could accomplish this with two services (perhaps OneDrive + Dropbox) but would rather avoid paying for two services if possible.

I appreciate any insight you can offer.


It is possible with WebDAV or NextCloud as to sync you have to provide it the full path to the folder: