Do not delete tags without notes

As often you can wait for a feature that may or may not be implemented (and I expect it won't), or you can try to use the tool as it is now.

For example, you could have a "marker" note that's always there in each tag you intend to keep. That way, those tags will always be visible. A bit messier than a tag with no notes like you want, but at least it can be done now.

But "delete unused tags" solve it. And it might be done by default at first implementation.

And I doubt someone had more tags than I :slight_smile:

This is an excellent question. I use it "as it is," of course. But you mentioned that it wouldn't be implemented. Why? It is better usability; it doesn't break anything for current users.

I want to understand, is it worth to ask about good features other apps have? How can I distinguish "implementable" feature of "un-implementable" :slight_smile:

Best is to discuss the feature on the forum. Sometimes a consensus emerges and it becomes clearer what could be implemented or not.

This particular feature I'm not so keen on as it would need to be an option and the tag logic, sidebar and so on is complex enough as it is. There are bugs that already cannot easily be fixed because of this complexity so I prefer no to add to it before the whole thing is more stable and reliable.

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I would very much like to see implemented, especially on the Android app, as changing views in the middle of a long note requires you to do a lot of manual scrolling.

I believe it should be discussed in Save cursor position within the note

I agree with you, but it is another discussion for this question.

Thank you for your answer. Fair enough. I just thought if there any plans of doing "nestled tags," it would be a reasonable relation to this task.

And I assume I can continue to bring Evernote experience if I have some :slight_smile:

I am trying to ask only about simple and effective tricks I know from my experience.

Coming from Evernote too. Yes, both Joplin and Evernote do not delete the unused tag. I checked the sqlite database. It is just not shown in the side/left panel.

Evernote side panel tag view has a search option which makes searching for the tag easier instead of scroll down the long list. I do not have 10000 tags. But I have a few hundreds of them. The current tag view in Joplin is not so easy to use for people who have many tags.

In addition, Evernote also has a Tags View that display every tags, group by Alphabet. This helps me a lot when I need to tidy up my tags. Such as those unused tags, those similar tags that can be merged together. Yes, we can right clicked any tags to delete them.

So, there are quite a bit to change in the UI/UX for such tags view, tags function. Not sure if we could implement it as a plugin, for people who want such feature?

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I miss the Evernote Tags View, too

To be honest, I prefer the delete of tags if there are not used. My Major tags are listed in my legend note incl. tags. So when I finished a project and export to archive all note I am very glad that the not used tags are also gone.
So please do not go back to stay with the tags. In evernote it drove me nuts.

The solution requested was to add "Delete unused tags". Nevertheless, the answer was "no." Joplin does not have straightforward code for tags, so it is too difficult to implement.

There is perhaps something new for this app defect. Using @markrenier technique and converting the “marker” note as a to-do. There is a bug report on GitHub to not display done checkbox.

I too would like the option to not-delete and empty tag. I have a never of tags that go empty but I want re-use later.

For example, "honeydoes-for-wife". Occasionally I will complete all the task, but then more wl be added later.

Or, "client-proposals" which are current financial plans I'm working on. Sometimes there are 10, sometimes none.

So, why not have an option in Settings, such as "display tags with zero notes". [Y/N] ?

Not sure. But where would you want those tags to show up? In the sidebar or when setting tags in the dropdown or both?

This is not my decision, but if Laurent is ok with it I can work on it. Should only take a few minutes.

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Thank you!

I would like them to show-up in the normal tags view in the sidebar. (but perhaps have a toggle there as well to hide/show "zero-content" tags. Or perhaps have sorting option of either alpabetical and number-of-note (sorted from most to zero).

thanks again!

Let's see what Laurent says. This has been requested a few times, but I'm still not quite sure what sense it makes to show them in the sidebar when clicking on one of those zero-notes tags will yield no result, but ok. IMO it would make more sense to show them in the dropdown when assigning tags, but that's just me.

I'm apparently not qualified to talk about tags according to several people.

lol! Personally, I would be ok with the zero-tags not showing up on the sidebar, but still showing up in the selector of the tags within a note.

Funny :slight_smile: Don't listen to them!

But actually it would be a very nice option. I am tired of adding my zero-tags to one "central" note. All the time should think "OK, I created a new tag, let's add it to another note in a case I will delete this one". And I do not talk about syncing issues after this "central" note has more than 100 tags... So now I have more than one "central" note.

But it won't be so simple as you wrote. After implementing "not deleting zero-tags" it would be necessary to implement some way to delete tags manually. So it would be additional work, I think.

@laurent what do you think? I remember this has come up not only in this thread.

Can I add an option maybe in Appearance or Note under the Advanced section: Show tags with 0 notes. I think for now we just show these tags in the dropdown when assigning tags.
In the future we might want to show them in the sidbar as well and allow people to actually delete tags.

What was the reason again for not allowing a delete tag operation? Afaik they are not tracked in note history, so it should be straight forward, unless I'm missing something.

I think we'll leave it as it is for now, as there are other higher priority issues to deal with first.