Different directory sync problem

Version: 1.7.11 (installed via flatpak)
OS: MX Linux (debian)

Hello, apologies this issue has been asked before - I can't figure it out.

I wanted to move the syncd folder to new location. I exported as jex.
I copied orig sync folder data to new location: /media/DATA/joplin
I set this in the sync path as the new location.
I restarted Joplin.
But joplin wipes the local files. And is not syncing anything from new location even though I can see the files via a file browser.

What am I doing wrong?

Any help appreciated

The Flatpak can only access files in your $HOME folder by default, you need to explicitly give it permission to have free reign access to the rest of the system.

flatpak override --filesystem=host net.cozic.joplin_desktop

(Though I believe you can also specify individual folders for more granuality if that's desired, but I'm unsure of the syntax)

Thanks - yes was a folder permission problem.

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