Diff for conflicting notes

I have to admit, it does not happen very often, but when it does, it’s rather a major annoyance.

When I see that there’s a conflict I’m basically stuck. Nothing tells me where the conflicts actually are.
So I have to paste both notes in separate files and use a diff on them.

I was wondering, if there was an easy way to show the note in the conflicting folder as follows:

blue background: text only available in remote note
red background: text only available in local note
white background: same in both notes

If this graphical representation is too complex, maybe there’s a diff plugin for electron or react-native, which only shows you a diff output of remote/local.


I know this has gone pretty stale but the description by @tessus still strikes me as relevant.
I could only find an issue closed by @tessus one day after it was created (without comment) so I am a bit at a loss about the current status of this feature.

It would also be of help, if the conflicts would be synchronized too (with the device name showing where the changes were made). I don’t want to fix those larger note conflicts on my phone…

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I closed it because once again the person who opened it was ignorant and deleted the template without reading it:

  Please search open issues first - many features have already been requested!

🚨 A feature request that has not been accepted on the forum will be closed! 🚨

## Has it been discussed in the forum? Link to topic.
  Feature requests must be discussed and accepted in the forum first. https://discourse.joplinapp.org
  Please provide a link to the topic.
  Feature requests without a link to the discussion/topic on the forum will be closed.

The status is that Laurent has not replied to my topic so nothing is going to happen.

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Thanks for clearing that up to me.

Do you think it makes sense to at least have conflicts tagged with the device name (and probably a date) and synced across devices to make the annoyance gets dampened a little?

It seems to be an easy change and I find it would improve the current conflict handling quite a bit (as on Desktop it’s easy to diff fast).

If so I’d like to open a separate topic for it to request that feature.


Yes, this would be a nice feature. No idea how complicated it is to implement. Because a note could have conflicts on several devices.

So how would you name them? Maybe we could use the client id somehow.
Also, how do we link the conflicting notes? (Otherwise how do you know which notes are conflicting? Just by the name. Well, it could be enough.)

Hmm, maybe name it like Note title (Conflict: <clientid>)



Can you please elaborate more on when and how can this happen ? From my understanding, remote server can only have one single version. So when syncing you'd only conflict with that version and thus it's only 2 files here. Regardless of how many clients are connected and sync to the same server.

I most likely misunderstood you.

It's a 2-way sync, so there's no concept of server and client.

Let's say you have 4 clients. Every client has a note with id abcd and we start with the note having the same content on all devices. Client 3 and 4 are offline and you are not syncing. Now you change the note on client 1 and 2 at the same time and you sync. You have a conflict, because the notes differ on client 1 and 2. Then you change the note on client 3 and 4, go online and sync. Et voilà, conflict. The same note looks different on every client. You will find the note with id abcd in the Conflicts folder on each of your devices.

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