Is it me who can’t find a dictionary or there isn’t one?

If there isn’t one, could we please have support for one? Just the desktop app support would do.

Edit: PS: also, is there a way to change fonts? IBM Plex Sans can a beautiful alternative. Or Mono of the same.

Can you elaborate? I didn’t understand anything

I think what @subi54 means is a dictionary within the editor that checks and maybe corrects typos. Like in MS Word or so.

Am I right?

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Precisely. The red squiggly lines though sometimes annoying are useful and kind of a major part of notetaking.

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this occurs on the desktop ? because on the mobile, the keyboard handles such a thing.

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No it doesn’t happen on desktop that’s why I’m asking for it.
Yeah, keyboards keep spellings in check on mobile platforms.

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Like in the attached image!

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Exactly. Annoying but helpful squiggly lines.

@laurent, can we please have dictionary in editor(desktop apps) support.

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I am using desktop version on Macos (latest). I would like to see integration of Dictionary via services. For spell check and lookup