Desktop Responsive Mode?

So I have an odd request. I started using Ubuntu Touch recently and the biggest issue for me is not having access to my Joplin notes. However, there is a possibility because Ubuntu Touch supports Linux Desktop apps through their Libertine system.

If Joplin had a fully responsive mode in the Desktop version then I could in theory install it into Ubuntu Touch and use it on my phone.

I realize this is weird and might not be worth doing but what are your thoughts on this?

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I can’t really speak to the likelihood of that happening, but there’s a project you might be interested in. Joplin web by foxmask. I don’t know if it supports mobile, but it feels more likely.

this is certainly very interesting and it might be a solution with a lot of setup, I'd prefer to be lazy for it to be in the Desktop version but I'll check this out too. :smiley: Thank you for sharing this info with me!

I would really like a version for Ubuntu Touch too!