Deleting/deactivating my forum account

I would like to have my forum account deleted (I know I have no way to do that in Discourse, hence the wording..) - is it still not possible?

If so, I would like to have my account deactivated and "anonymized" - could you please do that? Changed user name and email address, no option to log in and such.

I don't leave Joplin, I just aim to reduce my "online foootprint" and as I'm not really active on the forum anymore, it is a logical step and I would like to have it done.

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It’s just impossible to delete an account ! :hushed:

That I was aware of, thanks. :slight_smile: But I was also asking about deactivating/anonymizing my account which I believe possible - I read about them on Discourse administrator topics elsewhere.

Yes, we can do that. I'll send you a PM before doing so.

Thank you, I'll reply to your PM right away.

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