Default file storage location on macOS?

I deleted a note that I had created (+ emptied the trash can) from the new sync directory I set containing all my notes when trying to set up the sync settings. I was importing some other external notes and did the deletion manually (using Finder) because I forgot that I had one note created originally in Joplin on that computer.

I do have a Time Machine backup which should contain that file, so I think I should be able to get it back. The trouble is, I can’t find where I should be looking for the file, which I assume should be in some default location where Joplin stores the files when the sync setting is set to the Dropbox default?

Any help would be appreciated.

You mean the profile directory? It would be at ~/.config/joplin-desktop

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Yes, that was it, thank you! I was able to use database.sqlite to recover the note.

@ethryo You can also find this path in your Preferences -> General options in the section General. It’s the first item right at the top that says: Notes and settings are stored in: xxxxx

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Oh, thanks for the tip. Totally missed seeing it.