Date format for exporting through the GUI

Hi All, is there a way to change the date format when exporting through the GUI? The file default to DD_MM_YYYY.jex however I like to keep them in order - so YYYYMMDD.jex.
Is there a way to do this automatically?

No, there isn't.

But maybe we could just use the specifed date format in settings. Personally I always use a YYYY-MM-DD or YYYYMMDD format, so changing the default to an unambiguous format is fine with me too.

But the decision lies with Laurent.

It seems that Joplin already does this. I have the date format in settings set as YYYY-MM-DD and when I export a jex archive of everything the filename follows this setting. It's one of the reasons I set the date to this format!



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But modifying the date format in Options also modifies how the date are displayed in the UI. For example, at the top of my notes I prefer having the date like this (french format) : 31/08/2021, but then the export looks like this : 31-08-2021.
But for the export I prefer 2021-08-31, much more convenient for sorting files. So it seems I'm stuck ! :slight_smile:

If you use the Backup Plugin and set it for multiple backups, it will automatically store your settings.json, css files and a complete jex backup in dated folders like this:


AND you can customise the date format in the plugin's advanced settings.


AND if you don't want it to auto backup you can just switch that off (set to 0 backups) and use Tools > Create Backup manually whenever you want to!!


Thanks, I'm already doing that.
I just wanted to mention that the date option was also about how the dates are presented in Joplin.

sorry been away for a while .. fantastic .. thanks