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How to change datetime string format?

Joplin desktop has a button that automatically inserts the date and time. How do I change the format of this string e.g. I would like 2020-7-30 instead of 30/07/2020 11:45

Tools -> Options -> General

There is a dropdown that lets you change the date and time formats.


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Is there any way to customize it beyond the provided formats (if I would like to exclude the time, for example)?

No, but you could create a template with the contents


which you could insert using Ctrl-Alt-I. But that’s a bit convoluted.


Any new development here?

Is there a config or settings file that could be edited to change the (default) date format?

I'd like to see this custom format also. Or, failing that, could a named month option be added (e.g. September 20, 2021)?

just made an account to second this. Big fan of the dd month, yyyy format