Data collection

Does the application collect any technical data (personal or non-personal)?

Interested in data collected outside the software, e.g. OS version and build, hardware information and information about other apps installed on the device?

Data collection in applications can vary. Some collect technical data, including OS version, hardware details, and other installed apps. It's essential to review the app's privacy policy to understand what data it collects and how it's used.

The application's privacy policy does not specify what technical information is collected about the computer or user.

This page lists all the connections that the app makes:

I would hope it does not collect anything. It's "open source" so I would assume somebody has looked at the code and if there were bad things going on a loud noise would be heard.

There's lots of Apps (not Joplin) that talk about collecting "anonymous" data. These are usually only semi-true.

  • App 1 collects device ID and your name. Sort of anonymous as many people have that name.
  • App2 gets device ID and your address. Again, doesn't really identify anyone.
  • App3 gets device ID and your birthday. Lots of folks born that day so not a true ID.

Goggle collects all these bits from the Apps, but not from you directly. Together they do identify you, but since Groggle didn't do the collecting, they are not responsible.

If you do it on the internet, always assume you are not anonymous and don't put anything on the internet that you wouldn't put on a big sign on your front lawn.