Darkmode problem visualisation

Hi there!

The darkmode in the mobile version makes some things unreadable.
-bold words are not readable, because they are displayed in black colour on a black background
-tables are also unreadable in some places

I have added two screenshots.
The headline as well as the bold words are unreadable in dark mode.

Thanks for your help in advance!

Mobile Version: Joplin 1.0.324 (Android)

In the latest version of master branch, bold text issue is fixed and I will also look at the table not visible, and will fix it asap.

That sounds great! Thanks! I’m looking forward to use the new version.

Where can i find the android versions? Are they somewhere here?

I don’t think we released a fix for this yet, but it should be out quite soon.

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@schreibelehmann, most android phones allow you to load non Google Play apks if you want to test out the most recent Joplin release from there. Every phone has a different way of handling that, so you’ll need to look it up. I’ve been using Joplin on mobile for awhile now and can say that I’d trust the apks here but enabling that ability can cause security issues elsewhere, so you’ll need to weigh it out a bit for yourself.

Thanks for the information.
Did i understand it right and i can get the latest .apk on the main webpage?

I’m asking, because i don’t find the .apk at github. But i have to say, that i’m very new to github.

Looks like you’d need to build it from source and then transfer it to your phone. I don’t know how stable it is.

@bedwardly-down Ok thanks.
For the time being, i will wait for the next official android releasse :slight_smile:

Its still working with light background, so i can relax and wait:)

best regards!


In the Android App 1.0.327 the bold letters in dark mode are fixed. thanks alot!

But the table (white lines) still need to be darker.

Yes that should be fixed, bug report is there: https://github.com/laurent22/joplin/issues/3098

Thanks for the bugreport.
Problem is still present in Android App 1.0.329

Maybe it would help to report this in the Mermaid repo.

Ooops, wrong topic.

I meant it needs to be fixed, but yes it's not done yet

I saw on github, that there is a fix already. Thanks guys!!
Will the fix get in the next android release?