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What issue do you have?

what is the supported css version in the preview pane?

I'm used to customize per note css to make documents or similar things.
Yesterday I tried to make a Valentine using this code:

html {
   radial-gradient(at 80% 80%,#e7525b 25.4%,#0000 26%),
   radial-gradient(at 20% 80%,#e7525b 25.4%,#0000 26%),
   conic-gradient(from -45deg at 50% 41%,#e7525b 90deg,#78dbf0 0) 
      60px 0;
  background-size: 120px 120px;

This works fine in browser but not in Joplin.


I don't know about the css version but your css does appear to work in Joplin if you apply it to body rather than html.

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Thanks, @dpoulton!
This open us to infinite possibility of personalisation, borrowing ideas from https://css-pattern.com/.

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