Creating a new theme, couple of questions


I’m currently in the process of creating a new theme for Joplin based of Aritim-Dark, and I have gotten pretty far. However, I am struggling with some things and wanted to ask for help.

I have removed my question here as I have summarized everything in my last post of this topic.

Okay, I have managed to fix some of my issues, but I have a few I haven’t been able to fix.


I haven’t found the uses cases for these variables:

backgroundColorTransparent: ‘yellow’,
oddBackgroundColor: ‘yellow’,
colorError: ‘yellow’,
colorWarn: ‘yellow’,
colorError2: ‘yellow’,
raisedColor: ‘yellow’,

Yellow is the color I use when I want to find something I’m not sure where the use case lives.

Change CSS for some things in the editor and renderer


I have added a new node_module under brace\theme (a copy of chaos with some changes), however, I’m not sure if that is the correct place to add a theme for that?


I would also like to change some smaller things in the markdown renderer (if that would be okay?), however, I haven’t figured out how to add a new theme for that. I tried adding a new one where the “atom-one-dark-reasonable.css” lives, but it automatically gets deleted and can’t be used (I assume this is something in the build process), but this is the first time I’m trying to add a new theme to a node app, so not sure how to fix that.

Hover on notebooks

I also haven’t figured out how to fix that I get a hover over the notebooks, what type of CSS do I need to add for that to work?

The rest of the issue I have solved, and I will update the questions above to answer this.