Create a portable version of Joplin under Ubuntu

I am using Ubuntu 23.04.
I tried the methods I already applied, with success, for other appImage applications (see Using portable mode โ€” AppImage documentation )
I made several tries without success
Creation in the location of Joplin-2.10.19.AppImage
of a Joplin.home folder (see Joplin.config as indicated even if I don't understand the difference between the 2 modes).
I renamed the files

By restarting it recreates the 2 previous directories.
So it is not portable!

This was part of the reason I made this post to adhere to XDG spec.

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Thanks for the answer, I was not aware of it.
If I understand correctly, it is not possible at the moment neither with .config nor with .home (if you know how to tell me the difference? advantages/disadvantages because I have appImage which works well with the 2 and I did not decide the priority!)

It's been ~9 months since you asked this, but what I didn't understand is if a dev answered? is it programmed?

I'd like to know before I jump in rather than seeing problems with migrating data from .config\Joplin?
If not, no temporary solution? advice?

At the moment I believe the ~/.config/joplin-desktop location is still "hard coded" so if you try to use any of the options mentioned in my post all that will happen is that the Electron cache will be written there (because Electron itself follows the XDG spec) but Joplin itself will still use the original location.

I don't think there was any movement on it unfortunately, it hasn't been locked so feel free to resurrect it with support if you like. There are some potential drawbacks with data suddenly moving to a new place so I do understand why there might be some hesitation in adding it - it could break a lot of stuff if not done properly. You can see some of the objections in the closed PR I linked to in that post - Desktop: Resolves #6085 Add initial support for XDG Folder Specs by BeatLink ยท Pull Request #6152 ยท laurent22/joplin ยท GitHub.

Basically stuff like this works by having support from the community and due to how "invisible" this change would be and probably only a smaller selection of users benefiting from it the support hasn't been particularly vocal. So if you want to see it I'd add support to that post.

First of all , I discover Joplin, I am not a developer and I don't speak English very well. If I understand correctly there is no uservoice to give an opinion/vote on the requests?
If not I just tried again by rereading your post and it works.
In a Joplin file, I put

I must have made a mistake by trying to copy a folder under .config and renaming the others.
I recognize that not all developers have adopted the standards because I am switching appImage applications to the portable version. Some work with .home or .config and some don't work at all. I notice different behavior, it's a shame :frowning:

There isn't an official voting system but you can press the "like" button on the post or reply to voice support.

Are you sure? I didn't think this worked yet. Does it definitely create joplin-desktop in there?

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