Create a checkbox on a title?

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Joplin 2.14.20 (prod, win32)

ID client : 773c93d7dee04e1289cb896f235df6a3
Version de Synchro : 3
Version du profil : 46
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Révision : cfd98e3

Backup: 1.4.0
Joplin Evernote Links Replacer: 1.0.0
Note Tabs: 1.4.0


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What issue do you have?

I'm brand new to Joplin.
I'm coming from Evernote where I used to add checkboxes on my medium titles (H2).
It seems this is not possible with Joplin?


Try this.

Whenever you want a checkbox next to the title, so you can check it off as done, create a to-do instead. It has the box you want.

Still a markdown note.

I saw that the notes could be tasks, in fact it's cool, the Evernote import created tasks for my notes which had a reminder :slight_smile:

But what I want is not a checkbox next to the main title of the note, but the possibility of putting checkboxes in the titles of the content of a note (on H2 titles mainly).

Example in Evernote:


and in Joplin:


Moreover, even in normal text, it seems that checkboxes can be added as a list element only.

Yah II see what you mean.

I handle tasks differently. I don't do them inside Evernote or Joplin. I use the Microsoft task manager. I find it to be very good, and it has tasks and subtasks and levels of tasks and priorities.

I also use a separate task-specific app, but I also use a lot of checkboxes in my notes.

While waiting for a possible solution, I just add the brackets in text
and I put a little x inside when it's done:

If there is no solution, I should be able to get away with it like this

That sounds tedious :roll_eyes:

I suppose you could create a new notebook for each project and then a new note as type to-do for each item that needs to be accomplished, and that will solve the problem to a degree.

Using notes by sections of H2 titles as I use them would be too big a change.

I wouldn't have imagined doing this but since I moved from Evernote to Joplin, I've been trying to adapt my ways of doing things. Now it doesn't seem so complicated to me.

I'm also trying to get started with markdown, it also seemed unthinkable to me just the day before yesterday :wink:

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I knew I was going to have to make some sacrifices and also gain some benefits.

I'm still paid up on Evernote until the end of the year so I use both.

Would this work for you? It isnt an actual Tick Box, but it looks like one.

Go here:

Left click on the image that you want, it copies it for you by clicking on it, then paste into your title.

I have a number of these sort of thing that I use in Joplin, I have a Note in my Joplin Notebook with a different copy paste images that you can use.

Thank you, I tried but to choose I like the text hooks just as much

If you are on a Windows machine, a workaround that works quickly could be:

  • Type ## for your h2 title (or "Control+Shift+2" on WYSIWYG)
  • Now press "win + ; "
  • Start typing "check"
  • Press "enter"

Also, you may want to have a look at the Admonition Markdown plugin to see if that would work for you. It basically adds some bold warning messages to your rendered page only but if you also download this amazing plugin called Joplin Enhancement, you can also see those messages in the MD view too (screenshot attached). If you do install Enhancement, make sure you uncheck all the features you may not want, as it does tons of other stuff too. One of the things I really like is that it also hides the links of MD.

P.s. I think we bumped into each other on Reddit

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Thanks for the tip, I didn't know this shortcut; In French you have to look for “coch”.
I tried but again I prefer brackets with space or x.

Um, no, that's not what I need, but thanks anyway :slight_smile:

..3oy? :slight_smile:

Wow it looks like there are a lot of French speakers here. I think the designer is French, too? I'm actually Italian, but use Eng layout.

Got me :wink:

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For whatever reason you want this, the markdown syntax that works in my desktop Joplin installation (Linux, 2.14.20) is:
"- ## SomeText"
(That is: HyphenSpace##Space[Space]SpaceSomeText)

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Thank you very much, this indeed allows to display a checkbox in viewer mode:


But damn, I see several problems with this method :frowning::

1- In edit mode, the title is not displayed in title size but in normal text:


2- I don't see the box in the summary in viewer mode (I discovered and use the ${toc} code integrated into Joplin, I love it!):

3- If I check the box, in viewer mode, it is not visible in editor mode:

4- If I modify the title in editor mode of a checked title, it is automatically unchecked :frowning:

Concerning 1, that is the expected behavior of the markdown editor.
2. Indeed, that is the case in the TOC for me too.
3. I noticed that too, however, adding x in the markdown field propagates correctly into the viewer pane.
4. Not the case for me. In the markdown editor, if I modify the title text, the checkbox does not get unchecked in the viewer.

I suspect 2 and 3 are simply not covered by code logic as it is a rather exotic edge case. 4 is likely some OS idiosyncrasy.

With all these little problems, even if for some they are normal behavior, I think I will keep my text method :thinking:

Thank you very much for these details and your help. :slight_smile:

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