Copy markdown/joplin link target or note ID


When capturing several related (chunks of) pages from the same source, I find myself very frequently spending a lot of time replacing the targets of the cross referencing links.

Nowadays, I copy the markdown link, paste it, then remove the superfluous part.

Being able to copy only the target part of the markdown link, or the bare note ID would nicely ease this workflow... and probably others

Thanks in advance
Have a beautiful WE

PS: Makes me think that a feature automatically replacing clipped pages URL with corresponding note IDs in links would be magic! Just saying :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @silopolis,

This is offered with no warranty.. :wink: As I am only about 50% sure I follow your use case scenario:

Here is my readback on your use case scenario:

You copy a source document (web page?) that has multiple internal links.

You import the source document into joplin and subsequently change all the internal links to reflect Joplin links

You are then able to use the document, as originally created, but locally.

-- Ok, a couple ideas, if you happen to be using the Windows Interface.

  1. You can get the notebook ID by right clicking the notebook in the Joplin Notebooks Frame (insert official term here). You will see a context menu where you are able to one click copy the notebook ID

  2. Use the 'Toggle External Editor' feature in the Edit Frame menu bar and open the source document in your preferred external editor. I would suggest Notepad++ or MS Visual Studio Code, both are free, both have ability to find and replace using RegEx.

Here is a VERY quick subjective compare for this specific functionality, should it be helpful.


  • Very active development
  • Multi-function (Swiss-army knife)
  • Free
  • Excellent tutorials for most high use functions
  • multi platform
  • can setup a workspace to keep reference RegEx documents or other notes handy


  • Lighter

Visual Studio Code

  • Heavier

hey @Spere !

First, best wishes for 2024 and thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

My use case is more precisely when capturing related pages with the Web Clipper, and indeed to rebuild cross-linking between notes as it was between original pages.
It also happens when restructuring notes, when you only want to change the target note ID because the target section has been split out of the original target note or, conversely, merged into another one.

So, this is really the note ID that I need to get, not the Notebook one.

I already use VSCode plugin very regularly when I need raw editing power and veeery much like it ! To tell you the truth, I'm only missing a couple of features there, and I'd probably use Joplin "headless" most of the time as it would allow me to avoid switching back and forth with VSCodium all days long...


Best 2024 wishes to you as well!

Sounds like you are well on your way.

And, thank you for jogging my memory about VSCode headless. One of these days I will take a few cycles to explore that again.


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Probably a typo, but I really meant Joplin headless, aka "server mode".

Having a full-featured Joplin VSCodium plugin would provide a solid alternative to extensions like Dendron or Foam providing IDE embedded PKM...

Give me a NextCloud plugin as web frontend too and I'm the king of the world :slight_smile: