Connect Joplin to the Fediverse by Hubzilla

I really love Joplin - Thanks

It would be great to have an option to export notes to the Fediverse

I saw



and wonder if this code could be adapted for that.

There is a great Fedi App called Hubzilla

which has a cloud with WebDav integrated

I'm not a Coder - Who could help to make a plugin for publishing Joplin notes on Hubzilla for the Fediverse?

Just to add, I rewrote joplin-blog to mami, now supports plugin system, it seems that only need to write an output plugin to solve this problem

ref: I rewrote the joplin-blog and it is now separated into the mami project

@rxliuli looks good...

it should be an easy to install output plugin for joplin - YES - can you do this?

Actually even an output plugin where you can save joplin nots by webdav access would be interesting to have.

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