Publish note to blog or web service (CodiMD)

I use Joplin for my note taking, and sometimes, I want to share my notes with other people.

One feature that would be nice would be to allow export to CodiMD (it is a self hosted service based on the HackMD editor, which is an online markdown editor). It allows to publish notes that can be accessed by guests, and even modified by them in real time.

What I imagine is a button “publish to CodiMD” next to the note, that would send it online.

Here is the service i am talking about :

And the api is described here:

Welcome !
I don’t think any button will see the light for that.
In the category of the forum you can find implementation of the Joplin API that will allow you to do that.
You can also just do an export of your note, with the command line, and then import with their command line. There is codimd-cli for that

Thank you, I will look into this !

I’ve got a nice setup that gives me both a versioned WebDAV server to sync and a way to share links to my notes at the same time from one Docker container: