I see an item in my notebooks list labelled ‘Conflicts’ in red type. There are 3 or 4 notes in the Conflicts notebook. What is it and why are the notes in there? How do I fix the conflicts?

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If you edit a note and sync it, but then edit it on another device before pulling the changes from sync there will be a conflict between the 2 edits. There isn’t an automatic way for joplin to resolve these conflicts, but what you can do is look at both notes and figure out what the differences are and update the proper file. When that’s done you can delete the notes in the conflict folder and it will disappear.


Thanks for the explanation. Looking at the three notes in Conflicts I’m not sure I edited any of them. However, more importantly, what I don’t understand is what am I meant to compare the note in Conflicts against? Also, why don’t I see a similar Conflicts list in Evernote?

At the moment, Joplin doesn’t provide tooling to help solve conflicts so you need to look at the note and copy from the conflicted note the changes you want to the original note (which should be somewhere in one of your notebooks). For large note, you could also use a data comparison software like WinMerge.

To avoid conflicts it’s best to sync frequently - in general on desktop it’s not an issue as it’s always running in the background, but on mobile you might want to want to wait for the sync operation to be completed before closing the app, especially when editing large notes.

Notes in Evernote can also have conflicts and likewise they aren’t always easy to resolve - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/114154-dealing-with-note-conflicts/


For those who are looking for a GUI OpenSource software, I suggest:


Can be used on Windows, Linux and Mac

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Hello everybody, I’m relatively new to Joplin but am already using it for quite important things. I’m syncing with end-to-end encryption over OneDrive and some conflicted notes started appearing on my Windows machine, whereas no conflict notebook is on my Linux machines.

Are conflicts managed locally? If not, any one has idea of what may be going on?