Color of the Cursor in dark layouts

I ´m using the android version and having issues to see the cursor in the dark and nord layouts. Therefore i would like to ask for a white cursor in these dark layouts.

¡Muchias Gracias!

I can replicate this in the beta editor in the nord and dark themes (which is what I assume you are using as the cursor shows normally on the older editor).
From a quick glance I can't see an open issue for this on GitHub, could you open an issue for it? If you don't want to or can't then I'll open one.

I have opened an issue on GitHub.

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Unfortunatly the issue has been closed without any response.

Not certain why, I assumed it a valid issue.

Pure speculation: I think at this initial stage of using the beta editor we're just collecting feedback, i.e. monitoring how bad it works as is. Also the same editor is expected to come to desktop app. Once the quirks are fixed on the desktop, the mobile beta editor might receive a bump in version and more love in development.

After all those changes, it's unclear what issues will remain and which ones will solve itself out. So, for now, we can just let them get stale and revive them once the time comes.

I think this is a difficult line to take when advice to move to the beta editor is so often given to resolve active issues in the standard editor (mostly the bad performance). It should either be triaged as not appropriate for GH and moved to beta testing or should be labelled as an issue.

For now ill move it to beta testing.