Coding Phase - Week 12 Report - A look at Annotation Editing

What's done

  • Worked on PRs: #6821, #6800.
  • Worked on creating a UI for annotation editing.
  • Saving updated pdf file after annotation updates.
  • Add support for Strikeout and Underline annotations.
  • Delete existing annotations.

Branch with all the latest changes: GitHub - asrient/joplin at pdf-annotation



I will be raising a PR for this once we're done with the current open PR. One thing to note, I have noticed not all pdfs works well with the underlying library we use. It's an issue with the library itself and with hardly any alternatives to it, support for annotation editing won't be very smooth. I even found the library ended up corrupting some pdfs after adding annotations.

This was the last task remaining from my gsoc proposal, it's been a great experience working for this project and I plan on keep working on the pdf viewer and other issues in general after gsoc. There are a few minor improvements I have in my mind for pdf-viewer that I want to work on after the major PRs are merged, as well as the search in pdf feature that came up recently. I could not add that in my gosc timeline since I realized it will take quite some effort to integrate.