Code block wrap text

I’m a bit surprised that this wasn’t suggested before. Simply put, I deal with long line log entries, and sometimes the one line entry is narrow and long enough to be hard to read even on high resolution screens.

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I put the following simple style in “Custom stylesheet for rendered Markdown” (Tools > Options > Appearance > Show Advanced Settings), then restart Joplin.

code {
    white-space: pre-wrap;

Although Joplin can be used to keep notes of almost every kind, it may not be the best tool for every use-case scenario. Joplin has been designed as an OSS, highly-configurable replacement to Evernote. It is not exactly ideal when storing log files or excerpt from it. There are other tools specifically designed for your use-case. Please also consider looking through those alternatives.

fair enough. I wasn’t saving all the logs in there rather noteworthy lines mind you

thanks, that’s just what I needed