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Code Block Highlight Syntax for Network-Engineer and CLI's

Dear Community

I currently switched from onenote to joplin and i’m totally in love with that great tool. So far im struggling a bit with the code block highlighter (triple-backtick code blocks). Usually i enter there CLI Commands of Cisco or other Network-Vendors there. Mostly this works great. So far i found out that the tool is detecting automatic the code in the Block and sometimes it changes the highlight-colours to any different language (which i havent founde out so far).

The mostly recognized one also highlights ip-adresses, interface etc. which is nice. But when it detects the code “wrong” this dissappers. i would like to enter it manually in that case.

After a bit research i found out that i have to enter the programm language after the triple-backtick to specify it manually.


R1(config)# interface Serial0/0/0
R1(config-if)# ip summary-address eigrp 1

But i don’t know what “language” it detects usually when i enter CLI-Commands.

Has anyone a good experience what command i can enter to highlight CLI-Commands of Cisco etc?
Has anyone an idea where i can find the exactly definition of what programm language highlights what type of sign, word etc.?



Joplin does not support all languages that highlight.js does. We use a version with only 20 languages or so.

Unfortunately I can’t remember which languages those are. @laurent is there maybe a reference in a file which languages are packed into out highlight.js?

So even if there was a highlighter for Cisco CLI, I doubt that it is included in Joplin.

@tessus I think @fronthauber is saying that the auto detect (with Joplin) sometimes works. Which means that one of the Joplin supported languages works, just need to figure out which one.

Right, which means it we knew those 20 languages we have included, we can test this easily.
I definitely do not want to test all 100 or more which are supported by highlight.js…

Please see here for the list: AutoHotkey / AHK Syntax Support

Thanks for the info link.