Click on docx attachment opens Calibre instead of Libre Office


i use Joplin-desktop 1.0.201 (prod, linux) and when i click on an attached DOCX document my application Calibre is opened instead of Libre Office.
For XLSX files the right Libre Office app is opened.
How can i change it so that docx files are opened by Libre Office Write?

Thanks, Ray

@Ray welcome to the forum

It appears that your Linux OS has Calibre set as the handler of DOCX files.

It’s hard to advise what to do as your “flavour” of Linux is not mentioned.

Have a read of this especially the section “File Associations”. If this does not work with your partricular OS just search the Internet for “change default file associations <insert your Linux version here>”

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Sorry i forgot :slight_smile: I am on arch linux.
To test things i removed Callibre and now the docx is opened by Firefox...
FF asks if i want to open Libre Office..
Now that i did that, suddenly (well there never is a suddenly :wink: ) Libre Office is used now..
So the problem seems to have dissapeared..
I will find out though how to change file associations in Arch.