Joplin notes maintenance? how to remove unused resources?

Hello all,
I've read all related older posts but I haven't found enough info about mantaining/cleaning the joplin resources folder.
I'm managing at least of 8GB of notes.
In two years lots of notes have been deleted, but attachments are still there.
I've installed the plug-in "delete unused resources" but it "seems" to do nothing. Nothing happens once I click tools > delete unused resources.
What can I expect it to do?
Have I to wait for some sort of alert/message?
Is there a clear alternative to clear unused resources or notes maintenance?

I have not used that plugin but I have used Joplin Batch Tools to remove unused resources. It's not a plugin but a webpage written by a contributor to this forum. It works in your browser and does more than just check for unused resources. That said, I have nowhere near 8GB of notes!

However, if you are not happy with using their webpage you can download the files and run it on your own webserver.

When using any utility that can modify your data it is probably wise to backup first.

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that looks very interesting @dpoulton , thanks

It may help (or not) as I am nowhere near 0.5GB, but here is what I do every now and then:

  • open tools-> note attachments
  • sort by size (biggesst files on top)
  • delete from the top (after checking either contents or date)
    In my case the attachments are almost always jpg/s or png/s, so it is easy to open and see whether it is still needed.
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