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Thanks a lot for developing this awesome software.

I backup my notes via a cloud client, and I would like to backup the attachments of notes as well. In its current form, on MAC Joplin stores the attachments under ~/.config. I would like to be able to control where to store those attachments (I believe it is not possible right now, I can’t find anything related to that in the preferences).

Many thanks.

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The recommended method of backing up Joplin notes is File->Export->JEX

This will export all your notes (and attachments) with relevant metadata. You can use one of the other export formats, depending on how you want your notes backed up.

If you really do want to change your profile location then you can use the not officially supported --profile command line flag to specify a location (search for it in the forums for more information).

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Can it be done automatically e.g. by cron?

if you use the terminal application it can be

Thanks for you reply.

Exporting individual notes manually does not make sense for backup purposes. One can edit multiple files simultaneously, making it hard to keep track of updated notes. My concern is more like “backing up the current state of Joplin”, in cases the OS crashes, or you need to reinstall the OS. If the attachments are also stored somewhere that one regularly does sync (along with the notes), then all good.