Choose Layouts in preferences

While I understand the usefulness of the double panel layout view, for me it means one click too many in simply editing notes.

So, if possible, let a user choose in the preferences which layouts he/she actually uses. Obviously, I would deselect the double panel layout view :slight_smile:

Adding a WYSIWYG editor would also be welcome :slight_smile:

And why not hide the formatting options in the read-only panel...

There is a panel toggle on the upper bar which toggles between single and double panel layouts. Iโ€™m on mobile now so I canโ€™t send a screenshot, so let me know if you canโ€™t find it and Iโ€™ll grab a computer.

Yes, three layouts. Of which I want to avoid the double panel one :slight_smile:

I misunderstood the request, my bad.

It makes a good Hacktoberfest feature, so Iโ€™ve added it there: