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Checkbox within table cell

Is there a way to use a checkbox within a table cell? I tried the solutions here but can’t get it to work.

No it’s not possible due to a limitation of the underlying Markdown renderer.

I’m trying to use Joplin as a digital bullet journal as shown here. Another thing I was trying to do was to have multiple checkboxes on a single line, but it seems like that isn’t possible either.
Is it not possible to use html for checkboxes? <input type="checkbox"> doesn’t seem to work, it just shows a text input box.

Never mind. <input type="checkbox"> does work. The problem was that I must have copy and pasted it from the web and used left and right double quotes instead of regular double quotes: <input type=“checkbox”>.

Edit: While the html checkbox works, the checked property doesn’t get saved. Guess I’ll have to look at other software options for a digital bullet journal.