Feature request: Checkboxes inside a table

Would it be possible to insert the checkboxes inside a table? Currently I can already insert them in the rich text editor. But then they are not saved.

My favorite feature at all would be to be able to insert multiple columns on a page or area. Then we could bring more structure to the pages.

Thank you very much


I don't believe tickboxes in markdown tables are part of the spec (or any of the commonly used extended specs (like gfm) but I'm happy to be wrong) so I doubt would be supported in the main application as it would break compatability with standard markdown.

It should be possible for somebody to implement such a thing as a plugin but it likely won't work from the richtext editor if they do.

As a plugin, it has the disadvantage that it does not work for smartphones. Bold or code also works within tables. But lists seem not to work. Very sad, because would help to display content on a page very much.

But of course, if it is not allowed in the specifications, there is nothing to do. :frowning:

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@Daeraxa, do you know if there is an issue tracker somewhere for the standard that Joplin uses for markdown? Perhaps it could be added as an issue there.

I beleive Joplin adheres to commonmark as the "base/reference" spec as well as the extensions provided by GFM

I don't think a PR will go very far (if it is even possible to submit one) due to how big and widely spread markdown is at this point hence why there are so many "flavours" of markdown.

The problem is that the more specific the flavour that is used the more specific and less portable the documents become - many of the markdown extensions in Joplin don't adhere to a single spec already let alone the plugins.

Some other flavours are here - Extended Syntax | Markdown Guide.

One possibility would be to develop some form of "JFM" (Joplin flavoured markdown) that could support all these features but that comes at the cost of maintenance and compatibility.


Thanks! That makes a lot of sense.