Checkbox lists don't like horizontal lines

Could others let me know if they experience problems when using a "checkbox list" (in the RT editor) and mixing it with one or multiple horizontal lines ? Are there problems on some/all platforms ?

Whenever I add a hor,line after one line with a check box, the next lines checkbox will be displayed in a strange position, and other weird things happen. Adding and deleting CR in diffirent positions does mitigate the problem a little, but it's far from obvious.

Here is a screenshot where I tried to reproduce this issue in Joplin 2.3.5 (prod,linux)
I had an outdated version of joplin and I was unable to reproduce this until i updated it .

Your test shows one little hick-up, but playing with it a few times you will see much more "geeky" cases, and even cases were simply deleting the EOL chars etc doesn't solve the problem once it's there.
By the way, I am using Joplin version 2.3.5 (prod, MacOS)

nobody else has (seen) this problem ?

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