Charged after cancelling

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What issue do you have?

Today was the last day of my subscription, and I cancelled earlier today. However, after cancelling, I was still sent an invoice for the next period.

You needed to cancel before the end of the subscription. That's not specific to Joplin Cloud actually, any service needs to be cancelled in advance if you don't want to be invoiced. If I did that with my car insurance I can beg them over the phone to refund it and they're not going to care. I'm going to send you a PM as I need more information.

I did cancel before the end of the subscription, as it was scheduled to renew the next day, not the day I cancelled, and had not been charged at the time.

It seems to be working as expected because the subscription was already renewed by the time you cancelled (that was done about 1 hour after the subscription was renewed). I'm going to refund this last invoice anyway