Changing the border color of the tables in rich editor?


Is it possible to change the border color of the tables in the visual editor? I use dark theme and those white borders are screaming at me.


Your post has some conflicting things. Do you mean "rich markdown" which is a plugin that alters the appearance of the markdown editor or the "richtext editor" i.e. the WYSIWYG non-markdown editor?

If it is the latter then it can be quite hard to style, some parts are easy but others are a bit more difficult and to be honest I've never spent enough time in there to worry too much.

Either way I've found a way that seems to work, all I did was copy the rule that is already being applied and changed the colour value:

.mce-item-table:not([border]), .mce-item-table:not([border]) caption, .mce-item-table:not([border]) td, .mce-item-table:not([border]) th, .mce-item-table[border="0"], .mce-item-table[border="0"] caption, .mce-item-table[border="0"] td, .mce-item-table[border="0"] th, table[style*="border-width: 0px"], table[style*="border-width: 0px"] caption, table[style*="border-width: 0px"] td, table[style*="border-width: 0px"] th {
    border: 1px dashed #e5426f;

You need to put this into your userstyle.css rather than the usual userchrome.css for styling the markdown editor.

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Thanks for the idea. This solution seems to work for what I need.

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