Change Application Layout ā€“ choose which area is fluid

Mac: Joplin 1.8.2 (prod, darwin)

I am not sure if this is a new feature request or I need to approach this differently, but is there a way to pick which column is fluid when changing application layout?

When I used a 3 column view, with markdown on the right, it worked well when I switched between my laptop and an external monitor. Recently I moved a few plugins to make a 4th column to the right of the markdown, but now when I switch to a small screen the right panel is off the edge of the app and I cannot get to the divider to change the size.

Anyone else seen that and have a workaround?

Hi @uxamanda
Yes I have exactly the same problem under linux. Since I often change my place of work (home, work, roaming) it's not very practical. And putting all the columns on the left is not practical.
@laurent :thinking:

Yes I've implemented it that way since it's not possible to know what panel should be fluid, so at the moment it's hard coded to be the last one.

I suppose we could have a button on the "Change application layout" UI to select which panel should be fluid. It shouldn't be too complicated to add although I haven't had a look at it yet, and unfortunately there's no workaround.

I think a button could work. Other simpler options might be:

  • alway have the panel with the editor be fluid (since it seems like that is the one you'd most likely want to grow on a large screen)
  • or, resize all of the panels by a certain percent when the screen size is smaller than what what can contain them all (app logic of this one seems difficult though)

For now I moved the panels so that the markdown is on the right, so that I don't ever have panels completely off the screen.

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In the two @uxamanda ā€™s options, iā€™d prefer the second one.

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